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[sticky post] Hello!

I am MarInk1485 (known in some Russian fandoms as MarInk but since this one was already occupied here on LJ, I added the year when La Mort d'Arthur by Sir Malory was published). Currently I'm actively into Sherlock, Doctor Who and Merlin fandoms, to cut it short - the BBC fandom :)

This journal is mostly for whatever fiction I may happen to write in English; I'm not a native speaker of English, I was born and I live in Russia, but I'm an interpreter and a teacher of English so by now this language is kinda part of me like a limb. There can be snippets of my everyday life here but not much as I already have an active blog in Russian on the site diary.ru. Also there'll be sudden bouts of fangirling I think, one just can't help it sometimes :)

Welcome everyone, I hope you'll like it here.